Keno Tools

Lottery tools are specifically designed to provide the latest and most useful lottery statistics in a clear and understandable format.
These Keno tools from analyze and report the results of all 20 balls in each lottery draw. To get started, we recommend using the Number Analysis and Number Generator tools first.

Among other things, these tools will help you pick numbers, analyze past results, and explore any patterns not only in Keno but also in other games such as Bullseye and Play 3.

The tools use state-of-the-art databases and software technology to analyze the millions of numbers and thousands of results generated by New Zealand lotteries. The database queries are performed in real time, so you can always be sure that you are seeing the most up-to-date data.

keno tools - Number Generator

Number Generator

A number generator is a system used to randomly select numbers during a game. This may be a mechanical device such as a ball machine, or a computerized random number generator (RNG). The generator ensures that the selection process is fair and random.

Keno Number Generator

Number Analysis

Numerical analysis involves studying the frequency and patterns of numbers drawn in past games to identify trends and make educated guesses for future draws. This analysis involves tracking which numbers appear most often (hot numbers), least often (cold numbers), and identifying any patterns or repetitions.

Keno Number Analysis

Number Checker

This is a tool that allows players to quickly check whether the numbers they selected or the numbers they bet on match the winning numbers.

Keno Number Checker

Most Common Pairs

These pairings are determined through statistical analysis of past Keno draws, collecting data on how often each pair of numbers appears together.

Keno Most Common Pairs

Numbers Most Drawn

The concept of “hot numbers” is based on observing drawing data where certain numbers are drawn more often than others.

Keno Numbers Most Drawn

Most Common Triplets

In the game of Keno, the most common triplets refer to groups of three numbers that appear together more often in the numbers drawn. These triplets are obtained by analyzing drawing data to identify patterns and trends. Players often use this information to increase their chances of winning by betting on these high-frequency combinations.

Most Common Triplets

Numbers Last Seen

These are numbers that refer to statistics that show when certain numbers were last drawn in the game. This information helps players track the frequency and recency of each number. Players can use this data to make informed decisions about which numbers to select based on patterns or trends observed over time.

Numbers Last Seen

Skip and Hit Predictions

This refers to the strategies used by players to predict which numbers may be drawn.

Skip Predictions: Involves tracking the number of draws that have occurred since the last time a specific number appeared.

Hit Predictions: Focuses on the frequency of recently hit numbers. Players use this data to predict that frequently drawn numbers (hits) may continue to appear in upcoming draws.

Skip and Hit Predictions

Number Buddies

This is a pair or set of numbers that players often choose together because they believe that these numbers tend to add together. This is based on personal superstitions, patterns observed in past games, or specific strategies that players develop.

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